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Plain Action & Vale Action LEADER Programme

Welcome to the websites of Plain Action Local Action Group and Vale Action Local Action Group. We have now committed all our funding and are not accepting any new applications for grants.

Whilst we wait for details of hopefully a further programme of rural grants to help businesses, farmers and organisation in rural Wiltshire, we have put together this website showing what has been achieved in three tranches of funding since 2002. Please take time to have a look at the final report for each funding programme which showcases successful funding applicants and what can be achieved quite often with just a little bit of extra funding.

To tempt you, see how our funding helped the introduction of the Great Bustard in the Sustain the Plain programme, the construction of Feathers Restaurant at the Hawk Conservancy in Plain Action 1, and the construction of production facilities for Leafield Engineering by Vale Action. All projects that have helped the local rural communities they are set in. You can view and download our evaluations on the ‘Our Impact’ page.

The Great Bustard Project

Sustain the Plain

2002 – 2007

Urchfont Community Shop

Plain Action 1

2007 – 2013

leader Programme Aerial Image of Skatepark

Plain Action 2

2014 – 2020

Leader Programme Tree House 2

Vale Action

2014 – 2020

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Future Funding for Rural Areas

We do not know what the future holds and are waiting for the Government to make an announcement on future funding for rural Wiltshire. Please keep an eye on our ‘News’ page for more information.

Sustain the Plain and Plain Action, its successor, have over the years helped organisations, communities and businesses to benefit from that little bit of financial help that has helped to kick start new businesses, provide community services, help with farm productivity and diversification, and helped businesses expand. In turn, this has helped to create rural jobs, increase the rural economy, and build sustainable communities. LEADER was unique in that a board of volunteers from the local communities decided on the priorities for funding and made the decisions about funding. This enabled the funding to be effectively targeted where it could best benefit those local communities be it directly into local amenities or businesses.

Having been associated with LEADER funding in Wiltshire for over 18 years it is a shame to see the funding come to an end. At the time of writing there is no indication from the Government of any similar funding in the future so this website has been established to show what can be achieved with a little bit of funding, local enthusiasm and knowledge of the area. I hope that given the opportunity to influence Government thinking you will support any initiative for similar funding in the future.

Fleur de Rhé-Philipe, MBE

Chairman Plain Action LAG

Having seen the work of the LEADER groups in Wiltshire I was delighted to be asked to be Chair of the new Vale Action Local Action Group in 2014. It soon became apparent that there was a high need for small interventions of funding from the high number of enquiries. And those enquiries came from all sectors: start-up companies, established businesses looking to expand, museums, young farmers starting up, farmers looking to diversify, towns groups looking for help with tourism opportunities, town councils with help for youth amenities or public facilities, and help with research and development of new products to the market. For the volunteers and myself on the Vale Action board, it has been amazing to see the variety of projects, the ingenuity of applicants, and the drive that applicants had to deliver their projects. Do spend some time looking at this website which showcases the projects that have been supported by funding from Vale Action Local Action group. 

Sadly, this community driven funding has now come to an end. Hopefully, through websites such as this, and the evaluation reports that have been given to the government, there may be similar funding.

Geraldine McKibbin

Chair Vale Action LAG

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Please note: We are no longer accepting applications for grant funding.

Joint Statement from Plain Action & Vale Action LAG Chairmen

As Chairmen of Plain Action and Vale Action we have seen how the process works behind the scenes to deliver the LEADER funding, and we would like to thank all the volunteers who sat on the Local Action Group Boards, the programme staff who made all the rules understandable, the Wiltshire Council staff who have supported the delivery of projects, the Rural Payments Agency staff who have guided us to be able to maximise our project expenditure, but above all the grant applicants who have delivered some amazing projects.       

Fleur and Geraldine